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Clients Success Stories

Maria - 26 years old
Used Sleekier products for over a month
It has been a month since I purchased sleekier shampoo & conditioner. At first, I did not like this shampoo at all, my dandruff got worse and my scalp started to get very itchy (which I had no problem with before) and my hair became greasy earlier than I was used to. But changing to shampooing my hair twice in a row instead of once and leaving the shampoo for longer (3-5 minutes), made a big difference. I can already see and feel the difference in my hair I was starting to get a little bit of dandruff and it went away! I feel like my hair is softer and looks healthier, shinier I definitely recommend AND you can pay in monthly payments!!
Carol - 31 years old
Used Sleekier products for 5 weeks
This is already my second order. I bought it initially for my very dry scalp and I use the whole kit. I do not suffer from white flaking anymore and my hair is easy to comb. Also, I need only very little of the products as they are really rich. The smell is not flowery or sweet, but more like lemon or herbs, it's quite strong but it's okay since it's all natural and it disappears fast. I really like scrub and spray, since I wash my hair only every 3-4 days I see that both of these products was the main reason why I no longer have flakes, I use spray daily which takes some time (like 5mins) to put it thoroughly the whole scalp, I just spray it onto my fingers and massage it onto the scalp. It helped me a lot with huge itchiness and after 2 weeks I started seeing fewer and fewer flakes and I no longer have any of it.  Scrub makes my scalp feel very clean which I enjoy a lot but too bad that it can be only used once a week. Shampoo and conditioner make my hair very shiny and soft. Totally recommend it.
Paula - 29 years old
Used Sleekier products for 55 days
In the past couple of years, my dandruff came back in full force. My scalp was very itchy, when I'd touch it I could feel all the plaque and flakes and build up, it made me feel really dirty. It was very unpleasant and uncomfortable. I tried multiple shampoos (Head and Shoulders, T-gel, pharmaceutical shampoos). For a while, a pharmaceutical shampoo that worked for me stopped working. Then I started getting Sleekier ads on Instagram and Facebook, so I decided to try out it. I was super excited to try this shampoo and bought the full set because of its great reviews and natural ingredients. In the first week, I got super upset because my hair became super dry and my scalp has remained itchy and full of dandruff.  I contacted sleekier support and they have told me that it's normal, apparently, it's been happening because of previous shampoos that I used, they had silicones and other chemicals that when I moved to fully natural hair care my hair needed 1-2 weeks to wash off all of those nasty things that were left in my hair. After two weeks my hair started to become much softer and shiny, I have never had that kind of hair before so I love their shampoo and conditioner just because of that, also I followed a strict routine with the whole kit which I needed some time to get used to it, but after few weeks I started seeing some improvements and now I am using it for nearly two months and my dandruff is almost gone.  Even though I hated it for the first week, but now I just absolutely LOVE them! My scalp is the healthiest as it ever been and I just love how my hair looks and feels now. For everyone who is still struggling with flakes just give a try and stick with the routine, use the products exactly the way it recommended to be used and you will get rid of flakes once and for all!
Taylor - 21 years old
Used Sleekier products for 44 days
I suffer from really sensitive scalp and recently developed seborrheic dermatitis that was causing me a lot of huge flakes. I’ve been using the scalp rebalance scrub & spray for 6 weeks with the shampoo and conditioner that’s really helped with the constant irritation and given reprice and my scalp feels healthier. In the beginning, my condition got even worse but sleekier support assured me that it is normal so I have continued using the products and then it started getting better I guess that was a healing process. Now I have no more itchiness and flakes reduced by a lot.
Tori - 34 years old
Used Sleekier products for 32 days
I purchased the rebalance kit. I used it for 32 days and so far so good! I’ve tried EVERYTHING to clear my scalp and this is the first time I’ve brushed my hair without any flakes left in my brush!! At first, I was disappointed because I didn't see the results in the first week but Emily from the support team gave me the exact direction on how to use the kit (apparently you can find it on the blogs page). When I started using all of the products correctly then it changed everything. I started seeing small improvements and after the whole month now I can see that it's actually finally working, my scalp is in a much better condition now. I still have some flakes, but every week it's getting better and better. I will continue using the products.